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OD on Sports Podcasts
July 1, 2020
Cam Newton to the Patriots ft Fantasy Football Lord
This week Annie is joined by Lawrence Jackson AKA The Fantasy Football Lord to discuss Cam Newton signing with the New England Patriots and what it means for Cam, his new teammates and fantasy owners this coming season.  Follow Lawrence on Instagram and TikTok @fantasyfootballlord, and on Twitter @LordDontLose Check out his podcast, Fantasy Football: Lord Don‘t Lose Podcast Follow OD on Sports on Instagram @odonsports Follow Annie on Twitter @sweetannieod .
This week Annie is joined by Lawrence Jackson AKA The Fantasy Football Lord to discuss Cam Newton signing with the New England Patriots and what it means for Cam, his new teammates and fantasy owners this coming season.  Follow Lawrence on Instagram and TikTok @fantasyfootballlord, and on Twitter @LordDontLose Check out his podcast, Fantasy Football: Lord Don‘t Lose Podcast Follow OD on Sports on Instagram @odonsports Follow Annie on Twitter @sweetannieod

June 24, 2020
Baseball is Back, 2020 Hockey Hall of Fame
OD on Sports is Thirty, Flirty and THRIVING!
We celebrate baseball announcing an agreement to return to play by going over some highlights of the deal, as well as thoughts that come to mind for how this season will play out. Annie quickly gives her take on Avery Bradley choosing to not return to the NBA restart in Florida, and then dives into her thoughts on the 2020 Hockey Hall of Fame class, including who she thinks should‘ve been elected this year. Tune in! Follow Annie on Twitter and Instagram @sweetannieod  Follow OD on Sports on Instagram @odonsports  Check out Annie‘s recent podcast guest appearances! On The Barrel A Pitcher List Podcast a href= "">> A Guy & A Girl Talk Sports a href= "">>  

June 17, 2020
Tell Us When and Where
Episode 29 of OD is all about breaking down the MLB/MLBPA negotiations for the 2020 season including a timeline of each proposal, how we got here, and what needs to happen to get this season started.
Let‘s get it. Time to play ball.  Follow on Instagram @odonsports @sweetannieod Follow on Twitter @sweetannieod

June 10, 2020
What Happens in Society, Happens in Sports
This week‘s OD dives into the reaction and response from North American sports leagues and athletes to the current events in the United States.
I encourage you all to take action and learn from those doing the work.  Here are a few helpful places to start Know Your Rights Camp a href= "">> Aki Aliu‘s Players Tribune Piece a href= "">> Stick to Sports Podcast, discussing the intersection of sports and civil rights a href= "">>  

May 27, 2020
NHL‘s Return to Play Plan, Fantasy Football with Sam Holt from Fantasy Focused
To start this week‘s episode, Annie breaks down the NHL‘s Return to Play Plan including the 24 team playoff format and how the 2020 NHL Draft Lottery will take place.
Sam Holt joins us from the Fantasy Focused podcast to discuss her passion for fantasy football and gives great advice that all fantasy owners can use to prepare for the upcoming season. (18:11) Sam also provides insight to some of the top questions on fantasy owners minds (43:14) like how will Todd Gurley perform on the Falcons, can we trust Gronk, and will Christian McCaffrey follow up with another dominating year.  Host: Annie OD (IG and Twitter: @sweetannieod) Featuring: Sam Holt (IG: sam_awesome, Twitter: @SamanthaRHolt) Fantasy Focused Podcast on YouTube and wherever you stream your podcasts!

May 20, 2020
Waiting for Baseball featuring Chelsea Ladd from Dugout Dish
In this Episode of OD, we are joined by Chelsea Ladd from the baseball website Dugout Dish, and Player to be Named podcast!
We discuss her story, her website which features stories about the Cardinals, fun baseball articles and highlighting minor and independent leagues. We discuss current events in baseball including the current negotiations between the owners and players, Alex Bregman parting ways with his agent amidst recent news, and yes...the god damn Astros. We end with rapid fire questions and This or That: Baseball Edition Follow Chelsea and Dugout Dish at a href= "">> IG: @dugoutdish @chelseabladd Twitter: @dugoutdish @chelseabrooke

May 13, 2020
Brendan Leipsic and Hockey Culture, MLB Negotiations
I got a lot of problems with you people and now you‘re gonna hear about it!
Ep 25 of OD dives right into the current negotiation between MLB owners and the Players Association, we touch on what the NBA and NHL are considering doing to conclude their seasons. And lastly (14:10), Annie goes IN on former Capitals forward Brendan Leipsic‘s leaked Instagram chats and how the sports needs to take steps to change its toxic culture. 

May 6, 2020
Arnold Gonzalez Interview
Our guest this week, fighting out of the red corner, his professional record four victories including one by knockout, from New York, NY, future Welterweight boxing champion of the world, Arnold Gonzalez!
Gonzalez joins us this week to talk about his career: from the moment he walked into a boxing gym, to getting his first knockout in March. We discuss the experience of joining Manny Pacquiao‘s camp as his sparring partner, and moving from New York to LA. We also share a few laughs about music taste and that he‘s still a loyal Knicks fan. Get in, Champ!

April 29, 2020
The Last Dance, NFL Draft, Baseball Realignment
Here she is - #23 of OD on Sports!!
We kick off talking about baseball‘s new proposed plan for a short session (the new one this week, that is). We dish on the NFL Draft, from the living room flexes, draft girlfriends, to what the Packers and Eagles drafting QBs mean for Aaron Rodgers and Carson Wentz. Annie ends the show debriefing her favorite moments from The Last Dance, how Isiah Thomas needs to own the Bad Boy persona, and why this documentary reminds us we need to appreciate greatness while we can witness it. Check it out! Follow us on IG @odonsports

April 22, 2020
Megan Ellis and Sydney Daniel from Ballpark Vibes
This week on OD we have Megan Ellis and Sydney Daniel from the new baseball website, Ballpark Vibes!
We talk about why they started the website, and how you guys can get involved in their growing community! Meg shares her excitement for her 2020 Padres and Sydney gives her thoughts on the moves her Dodgers made this offseason. We talk baseball amid Corona, the cheating Astros, their favorite ballpark to visit, what their walk-up song would be and finish off with the debate every female loves: baseball pants. Check it out! @ballparkvibes

April 15, 2020
Interview with Nick Cottrell
We‘re back!!
This week we have long time friend, die hard Chicago (and some Wisconsin...gotta listen to hear about that) sports fan, Nick Cottrell! Nick has worked for four professional sports organizations and joins us this week to discuss his career in sports, the impact of Corona on sports going forward, Cubbies, Hawks, and some of his Chicago favorites in a game of This or That: Chicago Edition. Tune in!!! 

April 1, 2020
Cam Newton, Noah Syndergaard out for 2020, Knee Hockey League, MLB/MLBPA Agreement
Welcome OD into her 20s!!
EP 20 kicks off with a round up of what Annie has been up to in quarantine including not taking dating apps seriously, ordering a knee hockey set off amazon and starting a knee hockey league and throwing an Opening Day Party for the missing baseball season. We get into sports news by discussing Cam Newton‘s future in the NFL, the impact of losing Noah Sydergaard on the Mets pitching rotation, the MLB/MLBPA negotiations and how Annie feels about the Postseason played in November/December. Enjoy!!

March 25, 2020
Interview with Alana from Life of Alana Sports Blog
Welcome to Ep 19 of OD!!
We have our very first guest on the show, Alana from the Life of Alana sports blog!! She is from Athens, Georgia and is a HUGE Pittsburgh Penguins fan! On the show we discuss how she became a hockey fan, her current NHL arena tour, and her thoughts on the NHL season. Tune in!

March 18, 2020
Corona took away Sports, NFL Free Agency, OD on Sports Movie Challenge
Happy Social Distancing!!
We‘re talking about the crazy turn of events since we last spoke...losing all of our sports. Annie dives into her sports movie ranking challenge that she shares with you guys should you wish to spend quarantine watching some of her favorite movies. And in the end, we reap NFL Free Agency, including Tom Brady‘s decision to leave New England and how to cope when your favorite players leave your team. Safety and health to you all! We got this.

March 11, 2020
Struggles of Being a Female Sports Fan
This one is for the girls!
Annie kicks off the episode with a story from her weekend, talking about Coronavirus and the impact it could have on sports, and ends off with the biggest struggles of being a female sports fan. Get ready, we about to call these boys out.

March 4, 2020
Bobby Ryan, Please Like My Sport, Balance of Powers, Dating NY men based on sports
This episode of OD kicks off with Annie talking about the NEW hockey story of the year, Bobby Ryan scoring a hat trick in his first home game back after taking leave to seek help with alcohol abuse.
Annie unleashing her ideal fan sports team structure, the balance of powers. She then discusses LeBron‘s embellishment on Saturday night vs Memphis, which leads her into ranting about one of her least favorite types of hockey fans, the Please Like My Sport fans. She closes out the show with a fun, totally not serious segment of what dating a guy in NY is like based on their sports teams. Enjoy!!

February 26, 2020
Ovechkin scores 700, LAL v BOS, NHL Trade Deadline, Kobe Memorial
Guess what? An OD where the Houston Astros aren‘t talked about!!
We kick off with a weekend roundup that includes Ovi scoring goal 700, emergency backup goalie Dave Ayres shutting it down for the Hurricanes in Toronto, and the Tyson Fury/Deontay Wilder fight. Annie also debriefs the Lakers win against the Celtics on Sunday afternoon as well as praising fan favorite, Alex Caruso. She dives into the NHL trade deadline and highlights some of her favorite moves made on Monday and the race for the finish for the Metropolitan Division. She ends the show with her thoughts on the Kobe and Gianna Bryant Celebration of Life. Tune in!

February 19, 2020
Happy Gilmore is not a hockey movie
A stacked line up this week!
Kicking it off with a question, should Happy Gilmore be considered a hockey movie? Then we get into hockey new including Jeremy Roenick officially being fired, Bruce Boudreau being fired from the Minnesota Wild, and Evander Kane‘s suspension and frustration with the NHL Department of Player Safety. And yes, we absolutely discuss the Astros PR self destruction and the players reactions to Jim Crane‘s comments and Rob Manfred‘s actions as Commissioner. 

February 12, 2020
MLB Postseason Proposed Changes, Gayle King Interview, Exposed Astros
On this episode of OD in honor of Valentine‘s Day, Annie kicks off by talking about single life as a female sports fan with 4 brothers (hint: not fun).
She then dives into baseball news including Mookie Betts OFFICALLY being a Dodger, Jessica Mendoza leaving the Mets and Sunday Night Baseball, AJ Hinch‘s MLB Network interview, and the proposed baseball playoff changes. She then ends by discussing Gayle King‘s interview with Lisa Leslie regarding Kobe Bryant and how his legacy should be discussed. Tune in!

February 5, 2020
How to Survive the Trade Deadline, Mookie Betts is a Los Angeles Dodger
Annie O‘D is back to her cheerful self this week!
We kick off with a quick recap of the Lakers since the fatal crash that took Kobe Bryant as well as the Super Bowl. She then tries her best to hide her bias and excitement over the news that Mookie Betts and David Price are officially Los Angeles Dodgers. And finally, she ends the show with her best tips on how to survive the tread deadline in any sport. Enjoy!

January 29, 2020
A tribute to Kobe Bryant.
Rest in Power Kobe. We love you.

January 22, 2020
Astros are Buzzin, Don‘t Boo Your Team, LA doesn‘t want the 2017/2018 Titles
Happy First Double Digit OD!
We‘re kicking off episode 10 with Annie talking about a tribute to one of her favorite #10, Justin Turner. She then reacts to Penguins fans bronx booing Matt Murray during Sunday afternoon‘s game vs the Bruins and lays out when you can boo your home team (hint: never). She rants about Jessica Mendoza not knowing how to do her job, LA City Council trying to bring justice to Dodgers fans when it isn‘t their place to do so, and more on how she‘s loving the hate the Astros are getting. Enjoy!

January 15, 2020
AJ Hinch and Alex Cora Fired, Astros Punished, NFL Divisional Round, Ray Shero
a loaded OD today!
Annie kicks off the episode with a quick round up of NHL news, then gets into the College National Championship and NFL Divisional Round, including our girl Patrick Mahomes‘ girlfriend making headlines with her Instagram stories and tweets. (16:06) Then we get into the hot news: the Astros have officially been given their fate for banging trash cans in 2017, and it ends in Aj Hinch and Jeff Luhnow losing their jobs. Alex Cora also still under investigation and also losing his job with the Red Sox. Don‘t miss this one!

January 8, 2020
Mike McCarthy, Winter Classic/Wild Card Weekend Recap, Justice for Torts
Episode 8 of OD is here!
Annie kicks off the show with a Winter Classic recap and reaction to the outdoor game going to the State of Hockey, Minnesota. She breaks down the recent coaching changes of the Nashville Predators and the Dallas Cowboys, debriefs her 1/4 Wild Card Weekend record, including her guess of where Tom Brady will end up. She closes the show with her thoughts on the fan relationship with officials and how they need to be held accountable of their blown calls. Let‘s get it!

January 1, 2020
How to Be a Good Friend in the Playoffs, All Star Games are stupid, NFL Playoffs
First episode of 2020!!
Annie kicks off the new year with talking about this past weekend‘s bowl games, including her love and respect for Buckeyes fans ((sorry to the PSU and Michigan friends)). She makes her picks for Wild Card Weekend and even gives you tips on how to be a good friend, partner, significant other during the playoffs. She gives her hot take on the Saints giving Antonio Brown a workout last week,and defends Alex Oveckin‘s choice to sit out of this year‘s NHL All Star Game because...well, All Star Games are stupid. Happy Listening!!  

December 25, 2019
NBA on Christmas Predictions, Jeremy Roenick Suspension
It‘s a short and sweet OD this week!
Annie kicks off the episode discussing her birthday and the news of OD on Sports making the top 100 hockey podcasts in the US!!! She opens with random thoughts she had on her 6 hour plane ride home  and reveals a secret power she has when a guy leaves her on read or ghosts her. She rants about her annoyance with hockey fans wearing Mighty Ducks movie gear to Ducks games and how people need to stop referencing the movie when they chirp the team. We get into her predictions for the NBA on Christmas matchups and end with her reaction to NBC suspending former NHL player and hockey analyst Jeremy Roenick. Happy Holidays!!

December 18, 2019
Taylor Hall, Michael Vick, Ayesha Curry
We have an OD first!
Breaking News! Annie starts the show with breaking down the Taylor Hall trade and how "thrilled" she is to have Hall back in the Pacific Division. She rants about Ayesha Curry‘s horrible business decision to open a restaurant in Houston after the Warriors have ended their playoff campaigns 4/5 years, and finishes the episode with her take on Michael Vick being an Honorary Captain at this years Pro Bowl. Oh and she rants about the Rangers fans disrespect for King Hank,and about the Dodgers, because of course. Enjoy!! 

December 11, 2019
Players You Love to Hate, MLB Free Agency
Annie kicks off this week‘s episode of OD on Sports with a story about how she spent her Saturday night and how Patrick Mahomes‘ girlfriend needs to listen to Ep 3 of OD.
She gets breaks into the news of Stephen Strasburg resigning with the Nationals and what she hopes her Dodgers will do in response. Finally, she closes the show with talking about the players you just love to hate, we‘re talking everyone from LeBron James, Tom Brady, Brad Marchand to Bryce Harper. Don‘t miss it!

December 4, 2019
How to Be an Away Team Fan, NFL MVP race, Original Six Annoyance
This week, Annie gets into the show talking about how she isn‘t sleeping on the Patriots despite their loss on Sunday vs Houston and her current favorite for the NFL MVP race. She then gets into a personal grudge and annoyance she has against the Original Six fans in the NHL. We get it. You‘re old. We don‘t care.  Annie finishes off the show by giving fans her best tips to rep your team on the road and how to make the most of your experience. Don‘t miss out!

November 27, 2019
Astros*, Colin Kaepernick, Loyalty
This week Annie sounds off on her thoughts on two of the biggest stories in sports right now: the Astros cheating scandal and Colin Kaepernick‘s NFL workout (or, lack there of).
She also discusses the concept of loyalty and why we stick through the good times and bad with our teams, including Annie finishing the episode with discussing her decision to walk away from her NFL team. Don‘t want to miss it!

November 20, 2019
Gatekeeping Fans, Mighty Ducks Reboot, Don Cherry/Jess Allen
I started to post minute sports rant videos on my Instagram.
In this first episode, I expand further on my first video about my frustration with fans who gatekeep their fan bases and how sports need to be inclusive to all. I give my first reaction/questions about the Disney + Mighty Ducks reboot (hint: not happy), and finally, I give perspective on the Don Cherry/Jess Allen backlash, as both the daughter of a Marine and a hockey sister. Tune in!

November 13, 2019
OD on Sports
This is your preview/intro into Annie and what this podcast will be and why she is here.
OD on Sports will be everything from current news in sports, debating hot topics, or just straight ranting from Annie and her guests. Welcome and we‘re glad you‘re here!
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